Sunday, June 22, 2014

Avoid altitude sickness, Santa Fe NM Vacation, Casa Escondida B&B

Here are a few helpful hints for avoiding altitude sickness while a guest at Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast. Altitude sickness? Really? Yes! Casa Escondida B&B is located in the historic village of Chimayo, New Mexico. We are at an elevation of approximately 7,000 feet. During your stay at Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast, you may even find yourself at elevations of approximately 12,000 feet while touring the surrounding area. Because many of our guests are coming from sea level, a few may experience mild symptoms of altitude sickness. Our dry, high-desert climate, combined with the decreased oxygen levels at our higher elevation, can induce altitude sickness in some people. So we suggest the following to help ensure that you have a New Mexico vacation that is not impacted by altitude sickness:
1)    Stay hydrated. Drink before you are thirsty. Always have your water bottle with you.
2)    I know that you are on vacation but try to limit your alcohol intake, especially for the 1st few days of your trip.
3)    Take an over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen. Note: Acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) is of no benefit for this purpose.   
4)    Start exercising before you arrive. If you have not done this, don’t start your vacation with a 10 mile hike. Rest and relax for the 1st few days of your vacation. Give your body a chance to acclimate to the higher elevation and dry climate.
5)    Limit your caffeine intake or any beverage that promotes dehydration.
6)    Loss of appetite can be a symptom. Even so, try to eat foods that are higher in potassium. The good news is that chocolate is among those foods which are potassium rich, as are bananas, tomatoes, dried fruits, greens, granola, orange juice, broccoli, cantaloupe, potatoes, spinach, watermelon, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, etc.
7)    Avoid excessive salt intake.
8)    Mild insomnia may also a symptom. Plan accordingly. Maybe a cup of herbal tea at bedtime will help you sleep.
9)    You may feel fatigued, weak, short of breath, dizzy or light-headed. You may also notice swelling in your hands, feet or face. You may even have an increase in your blood pressure for the 1st few days that you are here.
10)    Remember your hat, sunscreen and lip balm, regardless of the time of year. Our higher elevation means that the atmosphere is much thinner here. This means a MUCH higher chance of sunburn. At our elevation, you will be exposed to about 30% more UV than even at the beach!

If you do experience any of these symptoms, the majority of the time, these mild symptoms of altitude sickness will subside after the 1st few days of your trip but by following these simple rules, you are much less likely to experience altitude sickness at all. You want to be feeling great when you experience your New Mexico vacation spot. Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast is a delightful New Mexico retreat, which has rooms available year-round. We are perfect for a romantic New Mexico getaway too. Contact Casa Escondida B&B to check room availability or to inquireabout a reservation. Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast is a green bed & breakfast, which provides Santa Fe and Taos area pet-friendly lodging in 4 of our 8 guest rooms. Enjoy your New Mexico travels and Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast! We look forward to having you as our guest! 

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